A range of treatments dedicated to children from 3 years old.

Protocols that evoke dreams and emotions, with gourmet notes of childhood.

A world of well-being where the child will discover such fantastic treatments and that they become magical...




Colin Maillard is the well-being of the children, a feeling of calm and calmness for the duration of a treatment, a renewed confidence in an atmosphere of dream and escape.

It also allows them to identify their emotions and better manage them.

Our children are at the crossroads of the stress of adults, parents and teachers. Stress is so contagious!

If school is a source of stress, we are not to be outdone, our parents, who are making our own anguish weigh on our children.

As early as kindergarten, we tell them, you'll see when you're in first grade,

in first grade, we tell them, you'll see when you're in second grade, and so on!

Well, we are just saying, you will see that it is possible to feel so good with almost nothing, no tablets, no games, no games, no nothing else just the child facing himself, reconnecting his body and mind for a feeling of freedom and deep serenity.

Colin Maillard is attentive to their desires and has developed a range of treatments for them with protocols that will bring them well-being and serenity for a unique and magical moment of relaxation.

We therefore attach the greatest importance to the fact that each of our products is irresistibly sensory, evocative of dreams and emotions, with notes with gourmet flavours such as love apple, chocolate, marshmallow, raspberry praline...

Colin Maillard's poetic universe will arouse their curiosity and amazement in order to stimulate their senses and bring them a certain well-being.




Our care protocols are so fantastic that they become magical...

They were developed with the help and expert advice of Mr. A. DRIAI, a psychologist with a degree from Paris V-Sorbonne.

Children experience their emotions with great intensity.

Thus, our protocols integrate before the treatment a small game allowing the child, with the help of a card, to identify his emotion of the moment, thanks to the weather of emotions.

The practitioner's hands will thus adapt their manoeuvres in such a way as to accompany the child in letting go and soothing.

He will then be suggested themes to allow him to let his imagination run wild.




We offer formulas with surprising textures, sometimes even turning into magic gum.




The alliance of the two!

We all know the game Colin Maillard or "Colin Maya" for some....

A game with a strong interest in the development of the senses, such as touch, smell and hearing.

They are also the ones who will be alert during our care.

By using his senses in this way, the child will acquire a more confident and refined mastery of his sensations, which will naturally help him in the development of his emotional intelligence.

But also, quite simply, because Colin Maillard is a child what...!

So, long live the children and long live the dream!